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As with most things done well, passion is usually the driving force. Our owner and operator at River Monkey’s Garage has tinkered under the hood since he can remember. In his early days as an avid car and motocross racer with no money, he learned quickly to repair and restore almost anything with an engine. “It’s in my blood”, he would say if you asked him today why he does what he does. That dedication armed with a desire to live what he loves turned us into a restoration garage in Lake Havasu City, AZ.



The beauty of our concept is in the details

For the Love of Restoration

Our team here brings decades of mechanical and restoration knowledge with it as we open our garage doors to the public. We restore Classic American Cars and Boats with multiple projects running at a time. Our portfolio reflects some of our latest work and our online store lists what we are currently selling.


For more details on our restoration services, please come and visit our garage or contact us .


Our Story

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